Superfruit infused and antioxidant packed. 100% Natural and just 5 calories. You know the inside of the coffeefruit, it's what your everyday cup'o joe is made from. But on the outside is coffee's secret superfruit. Can something made with coffeefruit taste fruity and refreshing? Of course, just because it says "coffee" doesn't mean it tastes like it. Bai infuses the antioxidant power of the superfruit, adds a splash of exotic fruit juices and voila! You have 100% naturally sweetened, free-radical crushing, Bai.

> Brasilia Blueberry: Playfully bold and delicious, Bai Brasilia Blueberry is a rich, whole fruit experience that takes you on a flavor journey of incredible good taste. It delivers an all-natural flavor sensation with irresistible berrylicious “bam!” > Malawi Mango: It takes two to mango. While that’s a fun headline, it’s actually untrue. You can mango with three people if you like. Five even. Heck, you can mango with double digits if you’re feeling frisky. But here’s the thing — after just one sip of this mouthwatering mango majesty and the knowledge that it has only one gram of sugar and five measly calories per serving, there’ll be only one way you’ll want to drink it: all by yourself. > Costa Rica Clementine: A summer's worth of bright sunny mornings rise to greet your lips each time you lift Costa Rica Clementine toward your tastebuds. You could peel your way to citrus this round and sweet but we suggest you enjoy it with a quick twist of a Bai red cap. > Sumatra Dragonfruit: Explore the Pacific ring of flavor. You might be wondering what a dragonfruit is exactly. “Can you eat one?” you’re thinking. “Is it delicious? Exotic? Full of fresh flavor? Rare and wonderful? Does it breathe fire?” Terrific questions with very simple answers: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and not unless you draw a face on it and light it on fire. Which, we’re legally bound to say, we do not recommend.