If it says Horizon® organic on the carton, you know what’s inside comes from happy cows on family-run organic farms. Great for lunchboxes, snacks, travel and more, our shelf-stable milk boxes are a perfect alternative to juice boxes. ORGANIC FARMS HAVE VERY HIGH STANDARDS. THAT’S A BETTER CHOICE FOR OURSELVES, OUR COWS AND OUR PLANET. > NON-GMO > NO ANTIBIOTICS > NO PERSISTENT PESTICIDES > NO ADDED HORMONES > PASTURE-RAISED

More than 20 years ago, our founders helped pioneer the organic dairy movement and became the first company to supply organic milk nationwide. We realized early on the responsibility that comes with producing food for America’s families, and our commitment to the organic movement and values like health, community and environmental stewardship has never wavered. Of course, we’ve grown up over the years, but some things haven’t changed a bit. We began with a handful of organic family farms, and family farms are still the heart of Horizon.