Kombucha Wonder Drink is a Sparkling Himalayan Tonic with inspired natural flavors infused with tea, creating an entirely new beverage category. This unique, refreshing, somewhat mysterious - even magical beverage has its own compelling mythology. For centuries, the wise ones descended each year from their aeries high in the Himalayas to harvest spring tea that grew in the valley below. The tea went back up, high in the mountains where it was blended according to an ancient formula, creating "kombucha" - a delicious, effervescent wonder drink that has for thousands of years conferred its wonderful benefits on all who drink it: good health, great longevity, inner serenity and incisive mental clarity.

Kombucha Wonder Drink is an organic, refreshing, sparkling fermented tea made with friendly yeast and bacteria that’s good for you. We use premium organic black, green and oolong teas picked from all over the world, fermented to goodness and blended with organic fruit juices and flavors. > Our Green Tea & Lemon kombucha provides a refreshing citrus tartness with just the right sweet finish. > Asian Pear & Ginger, our most popular flavor, is made with a blend of organic oolong tea, aromatic sweet pear and spicy ginger. > Our Traditional flavor has a modern take on kombucha made from fresh-brewed organic oolong tea.