Satisfy your snack cravings with 100% fruits from nature and nothing else in this special variety pack. Sensible Foods uses only the highest quality fresh fruit handpicked at the peak of ripeness then Crunch Dried to ensure a delightful snacking experience. Sensible Foods’ unique drying process retains the full flavor and nutritional value, while locking in the natural sweetness. Crafted in Sonoma County, California by an innovative team of health-conscious snack enthusiasts, Sensible Foods has been contributing to the snacking world since 1997. Dedicated to catering a garden-fresh taste right off the shelf, our team of experts knows just how important it is to provide the best snacks around. Our revolutionary Crunch Dried method is the first of its kind—allowing us to create delicious, all-natural snacks that are always free of chemicals and preservatives. We believe in wholesome ingredients that come from the sources we trust—It’s the sensible thing to do! While a whole lot of hard work goes into creating these delightfully wholesome snacks, coming up with our name was quite simple. At the end of the day, we simply want to deliver quality food that we trust. Let us take the guess-work out of eating true quality while we provide the freshest farm-to-shelf taste around. Each individual package of Sensible Foods fits neatly into purses, lunchboxes, in office drawers, anywhere!

Tropical Blend: You will go bananas for this sweet snack! This Tropical Blend of Crunch Dried goodness includes bananas, mangoes, apples and pineapples. A perfect afternoon treat, you can also add this blend to a smoothie. Open a bag and be swept away to an unforgettable tropical snacking experience Fuji Apple: Let the taste of sweet Fuji apples satisfy your sweet tooth! Fuji Apple has a fresh juicy taste that’s bound to be a crowd pleaser for sensible eaters of all ages. Light and crunchy bites of apple make this a perfect addition to hot or cold cereal, or just by the handful. Cherry Berry: Enjoy the wholesome taste of summer with this natural blend of cherries, blueberries, strawberries and apple. Tart berries and sweet apple make for an exciting blend of flavors. Makes a great mix-in for yogurt or granola. Orchard Blend: A delicious mix of apples, peaches, and apricots. 100 percent fruit and nothing else. Great as a snack on its own or mixed in with yogurt, ice cream or granola.