Why You Should Have a Healthy Vending Machine at Your Workplace

Are you an employer looking for means to increase the efficiency of your employees? Or perhaps looking for a way to show your appreciation for them? Well if so, perhaps you should consider installing a healthy vending machine for your workplace.  Packed with delicious, nutritious snacks and drinks, these machines can boost productivity and show your employee’s that you really care about health and wellbeing.

Here are some of the advantages of having a Healthy Vending Machine at your workplace:

 No Staff Requirements

 Having your own canteen in the office may sound like a tempting idea. However, that requires you to employ one or more people exclusively to tend to the canteen area. Having two more people on the payroll will significantly increase your operational costs, especially if you own a small business. You’ll also experience added inconvenience and distress on days when they don’t show up to work.


A vending machine is easy to install and does not require your attention. It’s about the size of a large refrigerator and costs hardly anything to run. Once installed the machine just needs to be restocked every week or so, and this is usually done by the machine owner. So it’s no trouble or expense to you and your employees will love the accessibility and convenience.

Staff Satisfaction

One of the most overlooked benefits of installing a healthy vending machine at your office premises is staff satisfaction – you are letting your employees know that you care about them. When they see that you have their best interests in mind, they are more likely to reciprocate by identifying with your business and doing good work. Don’t be surprised to see them putting in extra effort or longer hours. The ‘happy environment’ will encourage them to do their best and this will, in turn, increase your efficiency.

Keep Your Employees On Premises

An average employee puts in approximately 8 hours at work. This amounts to 1/3 of their entire day. Naturally, they will feel the need to grab a drink or snack now and then. If there’s nothing there for them on-site they’ll have to go out, usually taking some of their colleagues with them. Now try to calculate the amount of productivity that suffers when two or more of your employees go out for a bite. Significant isn’t it? A vending machine that provides great-tasting snacks and drinks will keep them on premises and thus ensure that your overall productivity does not get affected.

Healthy and Vitality

One of the reasons employers have thought that a vending machine might not be a good idea has been the lack of healthy food options. However, there are a few vending companies out there trying to change that by providing much healthier alternatives to the traditional junk food and soda. The healthier your employees are the less sick days they’ll have, not to mention the increase in energy, vitality, and focus. That all translates directly to your bottom line. One such company is Healthy Choices Vending, serving the Naperville area of Illinois.

They have attractive state-of-the-art machines, a great selection of healthy snacks & drinks and provide the servicing for free to qualified locations. You can visit their website for more information


or call them at (630) 642-1439.

To your good health and prosperity!