Kar’s original Sweet ‘n Salty Mix brings your energy into balance! Why wonder whether your energy source should be sweet or salty? Your yin will high-five your yang in delicious fashion, while your tongue gets a ride on a flavor roller coaster! So… Yin? Yang? How about yummmm? We at Kar’s Nuts believe that our nuts and mixes make snacking fun! Plus, we feel that the levels of protein in nuts leave you feeling satiated (satisfyingly full), and less likely to overeat. In other words, a little goes a long way! We also believe that eating smart carbohydrates and smart fats (like those found in nuts) help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Kar’s Nuts was founded in 1933, in a tiny kitchen in their home across the street from Tiger Stadium in Detroit. Here, Sue Kar roasted and sold peanuts to Tiger fans. The peanuts became so popular that a manufacturing plant was soon built to distribute peanuts to retailers throughout Metro Detroit. Still based in Michigan, Kar’s Nuts now roasts and packages nuts and trail mixes carried by convenience stores, grocery chains and club stores throughout America.