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Merchant MEDIA Snack

Machine Description

The Merchant MEDIA Snack vending equipment is designed to attract the consumer to the machine and inspire confidence. It contains Crane’s most technologically advanced merchandising platform, paving the way to the ultimate vending experience. The large glass front is lit by long-life low energy LED lighting and the machine has amazing vend reliability.

The MEDIA Keypad customer interface is designed to make the whole transaction process as easy and intuitive as possible. Users can fill up a virtual Shopping Cart with multiple items and pay in one simple transaction, via cash, credit card or phone pay. Media always gives the user the option to ‘Buy More’ with one simple click.


  • Modern stylish design and custom graphics
  • Shopping cart multi-vend features
  • Up to 7 trays and 60 selections
  • Dimensions: Height 72″,  Width 44″,  Depth 38″
  • SureVend Technology
  • Exceeds Energy Star Tier 3 and D.O.E. standards
  • This machine is NAMA certified and ADA compliant.

A Healthy & Nourishing Selection

We believe people on-the-go deserve an inspiring range of nourishing, satisfying and healthy choices.

Free Healthy Vending Service!