Why You Should Have a Healthy Vending Machine at Your Workplace

Are you an employer looking for means to increase the efficiency of your employees? Or perhaps looking for a way to show your appreciation for them? Well if so, perhaps you should consider installing a healthy vending machine for your workplace.  Packed with delicious, nutritious snacks and drinks, these machines can boost productivity and show your employee’s that you really care about health and wellbeing.

Here are some of the advantages of having a Healthy Vending Machine at your workplace:

 No Staff Requirements

 Having your own canteen in the office may sound like a tempting idea. However, that requires you to employ one or more people exclusively to tend to the canteen area. Having two more people on the payroll will significantly increase your operational costs, especially if you own a small business. You’ll also experience added inconvenience and distress on days when they don’t show up to work.


A vending machine is easy to install and does not require your attention. It’s about the size of a large refrigerator and costs hardly anything to run. Once installed the machine just needs to be restocked every week or so, and this is usually done by the machine owner. So it’s no trouble or expense to you and your employees will love the accessibility and convenience.

Staff Satisfaction

One of the most overlooked benefits of installing a healthy vending machine at your office premises is staff satisfaction – you are letting your employees know that you care about them. When they see that you have their best interests in mind, they are more likely to reciprocate by identifying with your business and doing good work. Don’t be surprised to see them putting in extra effort or longer hours. The ‘happy environment’ will encourage them to do their best and this will, in turn, increase your efficiency.

Keep Your Employees On Premises

An average employee puts in approximately 8 hours at work. This amounts to 1/3 of their entire day. Naturally, they will feel the need to grab a drink or snack now and then. If there’s nothing there for them on-site they’ll have to go out, usually taking some of their colleagues with them. Now try to calculate the amount of productivity that suffers when two or more of your employees go out for a bite. Significant isn’t it? A vending machine that provides great-tasting snacks and drinks will keep them on premises and thus ensure that your overall productivity does not get affected.

Healthy and Vitality

One of the reasons employers have thought that a vending machine might not be a good idea has been the lack of healthy food options. However, there are a few vending companies out there trying to change that by providing much healthier alternatives to the traditional junk food and soda. The healthier your employees are the less sick days they’ll have, not to mention the increase in energy, vitality, and focus. That all translates directly to your bottom line. One such company is Healthy Choices Vending, serving the Naperville area of Illinois.

They have attractive state-of-the-art machines, a great selection of healthy snacks & drinks and provide the servicing for free to qualified locations. You can visit their website for more information


or call them at (630) 642-1439.

To your good health and prosperity!



5 Ways to Boost Your Employees’ Productivity in the Workplace

Productivity can be your greatest asset as a business owner … or your greatest expense. If you’re one of many employers struggling to light a fire under your employees, there are proven ways to boost staff yield and efficiency. With just a few simple changes, you can inspire your workers to work smarter and harder. Here are five ways to enhance productivity in the office:

1. Balance Your Noise Levels
A noisy work environment is not one that promotes productivity. However, a completely silent workplace is also not ideal. You must strike a careful balance. In a recent survey, the number one factor employees cite as disrupting productivity is noise. Voices chattering, music playing, loud machines buzzing – a workplace that’s too loud can be distracting. Yet not enough noise can make employees feel anxious and uncomfortable. Light background noise can put your staff at ease. Accomplish noise reduction by installing sound-absorbing furniture, such as throw rugs on tiled floors.

2. Make Your Employees Comfortable
Full-time workers spend an average of 40 to 70 hours in the workplace every week of their lives. As an employer, it’s your job to make sure your staff members spend this time as efficiently as possible. If your office has uncomfortable chairs, outdated desks, and other elements that make employees uncomfortable, they cannot focus 100 percent of their attention on their tasks. Uncomfortable furniture can lead to health problems, increasing sick days and missed time at work.
Invest in ergonomic office furniture that supports strong, healthy body mechanics. Certain chairs, for example, have designs that reduce muscle tension and strain. Workers can sit in these chairs longer than other types, reducing downtime and keeping employees happier. Ergonomic desks also optimize employee comfort and physical well-being with smart designs and special features. Ergonomic furniture can be a significant investment, but you’ll enjoy stellar returns in the comfort and happiness of your workers.

3. Eliminate Bad Lighting
Lighting in the office can present a significant issue for employees. When working inside all day, the lack of natural light can lead to headaches, drowsiness, and lack of energy. Fluorescent lights and artificial lights create a harsh work environment that stresses your employees. It can lead to a cold, clinical feel in the office that is not conducive to teamwork and productivity. At the same time, not enough light can contribute to sleepy staff members, eyestrain, and trip and fall accidents.
Find your ideal office lighting by implementing just the right amount of natural light. Combine light from the great outdoors with artificial lighting in appropriate ways, such as desk lamps with soft, warm light. Open the blinds in your office and try to hold conferences in the room with the most windows. Employees who can bask in real light may be more alert, productive, and useful around the office. Filling your office with sunlight is an easy way to boost workplace efficiency without spending a significant amount of money.

4. Improve Air Quality
The air your employees breathe can make a considerable difference in how well they work. Inside air can affect the ability to work by making it uncomfortable or unsafe to remain in the office. Air quality involves ventilation, temperature, humidity, lack of outside air, and exposure to mold or harmful chemicals. Good indoor air quality can keep employees sharp, alert, and healthy. Signs that you have poor air quality at work include:
• Unpleasant odors
• Visible mold anywhere in the office
• A hot and stuffy building
• Physical symptoms such as headaches or drowsiness
• Fever and illness
• Cough, sore throat, respiratory problems
• Shortness of breath or asthma
• Water damage and leaks
• Standing water
There are professionals you can hire to assess the indoor air quality in your office and recommend repairs – something as simple as opening a few windows in your office can improve indoor air quality and boost productivity. It can also help you avoid safety violations and liability for employee illnesses relating to poor work environment.

5. Partner with a Healthy Vending Machine Operator
One of the simplest and most effective changes you can make to enhance worker productivity is to install a healthy vending machine. You can’t control the quality of food your employees bring to work, but you can provide them with healthier snacks that fuel the body throughout the workday. By putting the right types of food within your employees’ reach, you can boost energy levels and reduce sick days.
If you currently have vending machines that offer only junk like potato chips, candy and soda, you’re serving foods that can ultimately impact productivity levels. Instead, you can contact Healthy Choices Vending about getting a vending machine in your location. Your employees can snack on nutritious, protein-packed foods such as lentil chips, black bean chips, apple slices, fruit strips, Smartfood popcorn, and veggie crisps while at work. Brain food can contribute to your employees’ health, energy, and all-around success.

10 Top Snacks You Should Be Eating to Stay Healthy

When you have a busy schedule and don’t want to miss out on work or play, healthy snacks to fuel your body are essential. Unfortunately, the busier you are, the harder it seems to find healthy snacks that conveniently fit into your lifestyle.

Thankfully, many food companies are making healthier options so you can make better choices without sacrificing too much of your time or money.

10 Top Snacks You Should Be Eating to Stay Healthy



A handful or two of almonds provide a lot of healthy benefits. They provide protein and healthy fats, which help fuel the body with energy and satisfy food cravings. The crunch of almonds is extra satisfying. Plus, almonds are easy to eat on the go.

Hummus with Veggie Crisps or Pita Chips

Hummus packs protein and fiber into your snack. Veggie crisps, pita chips or pretzels are great companions. These are a better partner to hummus than potato chips and still provide the salty crunch that you may be craving.


Lightly salted, unbuttered popcorn is actually a fantastic snack. It’s filling and satisfying without loading you up on wasted calories. A lot of food companies are coming out with flavored varieties while still keeping it a healthy snack alternative.

Sargento Balanced Break Snacks

This trifecta snack pack includes healthy fats, calcium, protein, and antioxidants. All these elements contribute to a healthy and balanced diet. It’s a great snack option too for those looking for a little bit of crunch, a little savory snack, and a little sweet treat. Rolled into one convenient pack, it’s a perfect energy boost.


This little nut packs healthy fat, fiber, and protein all great components for a healthy snack! Plus, having to remove the shell slows down how fast you can eat it, which helps you feel more satisfied with a smaller helping.


Yogurt with Berries

Yogurt, especially the Greek variety, is a great snack when you’re looking for something a little sweet. Packed with protein and calcium, you’re giving your body proper fuel without any sugar rush or crash. Choose your favorite berries variety for an extra punch of vitamins and antioxidants.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is still sweet enough to satisfy the chocolate craving, but the darker it is, the less sugar it has. Even dark chocolate fans don’t tend to scarf down a whole bar of dark chocolate at once, so a little bit goes a long way!


Fruit is a great snack. Pick your favorite fruit that’s in season or find a healthy fruit cup. Both options are convenient and give your body essential vitamins and nutrients.

Peanut Butter with Fruit or Veggies

Adding peanut butter or nut butter to bananas, or apples, or celery is a great way to pack protein, fiber, and healthy fats into a delicious and sweet snack.

Chocolate Milk

A childhood favorite has its place in a healthy and balanced diet! A serving of chocolate milk, like Horizon, is sweet and satisfying while still giving your body essential nutrients like calcium and is a balanced snack with both carbs and protein.


Healthy snacks do exist and they can be convenient, too. Healthy Choices Vending is dedicated to improving the accessibility of healthy food in DuPage County. To learn how to get one of our healthy vending machines at your location just call us at (630) 642-1439 or email info@88healthychoices.com

What You Choose To Snack On Matters

A lot of us are snacking more than ever and adding a lot of calories between meals. Snacking is not inherently bad as it can provide much-needed energy and nutrients. Smart snacking on foods with natural fiber, protein & healthy fats keeps us full longer and stabilizes blood sugar levels. At Healthy Choices Vending we aim to provide the best selection of smart snacks available to help get you through your day.  Check out this article to see why snack timing and size are also important.